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On more serious note.

I have to admit I didn't hear about this issue. Trying to replicate it, but no luck so far.

However, I did notice that un-following and following again results in this behavior.

Could people accidentally double click perhaps? Or does it occur too often to be this case?

I'm trying to figure out... how is this related to the topic, please? :)

Also update.

Could you try and move the submission into unlisted or draft to see if you can delete it from there?

We'll be investigating the issue either way, it should be possible to delete from anywhere.

We've got couple more reports about this and will be investigating the issue.

Sorry about the inconvenience!

Please refrain from posting hostile, nonconstructive and off-topic comments.

Please send in a private ticket, including your @name on FN. Thanks!

That indeed is.Could you try to log in via Chrome's incognito tab? I do suspect some plugin or addon is indeed interfering.

I tried to replicate it in both Firefox and Chrome, but I wasn't successful.

Aren't there any addons in your browser that may interfere?

Could you try with them deactivated? Can you replicate it on different browser as well?

As stated above.

You may change the site and go into SWF mode and search for females.

You'll get only safe females!

Is that what you are looking for?