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Duplicate Follows

Avisk 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 7

Hey, guys! I'm experiencing an intermittent issue with duplicate follows:

Image 160

Occasionally an individual will show up in my notifications as having had followed me twice in the same instant. The watch numbers displayed on my profile also increase by two with these notifications. It's happened a few other times in addition to what has been observed above, but I neglected to document those instances before the notifications became unavailable.

Has anyone else noticed this issue?


Just wanted to drop a comment and say that this is still occurring:


I still have the uncensored images if looking at the relevant accounts would help FN with determining the cause of this strange, intermittent bug. I probably shouldn't complain about an inflated follow count, artificial or otherwise, but this is happening with such frequency that I doubt I'm the only one experiencing it!

On more serious note.

I have to admit I didn't hear about this issue. Trying to replicate it, but no luck so far.

However, I did notice that un-following and following again results in this behavior.

Could people accidentally double click perhaps? Or does it occur too often to be this case?

I was thinking double clicking might be contributing, since there have been support tickets regarding the vague states of the following/unfollow icons, but if that's the case then unfollowing someone isn't reducing their follow numbers— Every time I've seen this happen the number has gone up by 2.

Under review

Interesting - you're not the only one to report this issue. It's clearly a new and exciting bug for us to hunt down! Passing it onto our dev team for review!

Good to know, thank you!

And good luck! Intermittent bugs are the worst.