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...besides that, I'm not really sure. :)

Lets wait for developers to release some info about this!

Hi there!

Please break this topic into separate ideas and submit them individually! That way, it's much easier for people to vote and comment on the suggestions rather than "I like this part, but not the other one, here's not my upvote!".

I'll be setting this up as declined, but it doesn't mean it's bad ideas, we'd just like them submitted individually.


We are still aware!

The system needed some tweaking and was removed for the moment.

It will be back up to time-frame promotes rather than at all time(or even better- Optional), I just can't tell you when exactly at this moment. :)

Hi there!

Zooming feature is currently implemented!

After clicking on the image to expand it, you may zoom in/out using a scroll wheel (and most likely touch-device alternative, I can't sadly confirm that.).

If you believe this feature can use improvements, please submit a new topic or if it exists, contribute to existing one.

I'm guess this might be posts imported through importer tool.

Those do not appear in fresh art and likely newsfeed as well, as importer may import hundreds of submissions at once and they would flood the areas.

Privacy policy documents are currently being in final stages of review. T.O.S. will surely follow soon.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi there.

At this moment, it's around 64 000 characters.

In the (near?) future, it will likely be adjusted for much longer text.

I'm almost positive this is not intentional.

Maybe there was an performance issue or something else, but this art used to show popular in last month, instead of lifetime.

My guess is that within update or few, user will be able to chose timeframe to display.

I'll check on it.

I believe this is currently on our to-do list to fix.

Just a little longer, it will most likely be pushed with next bigger update.