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This isn't good.

I'll be alerting developers unless they are already aware and working on it!

We are trying to keep the importer in shape and collecting data.

I'll check what we can do for this case.

You may try to log out and back in, eventually try to clear browser's cache or at least hard-refresh the window?

I'm sure we will fix the issue soon, I'll be notifying the developers as soon as possible. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Please make sure you also reload the cached files!

Could you replicate it even after performing a hard refresh of the page?

( Ctrl+F5, or ctrl+shift + R )

We might take it in consideration. I'd suggest creating a new suggestion for it!

I'm personally not as fond of it as seeing the good stuff is what I'd myself like to see first.

But it changes as well, so you'll mostly see trending ones, not same all the time.

Hi IJrges!

You can browse all submissions by navigating into "artwork".

It should be located in the site's header, right besides FN logo.

Once you are there ( Popular art by default ), you may change the collection to "Fresh" in the left control panel.

The result should be: Like this and should let you browse latest submissions!

Additionally, you may browse artwork you favorited and artwork from users you are following.

Hope that helps!

I agree with this personally. Comments and description as they are are very small, minor. It doesn't allow comfortable description or interaction in comments even less so perhaps a short story attached to the image.

I'd like to see either way to stretch the sidebar, or move it down bellow the submission.

Developers are currently aware of this bug and are working on resolving it.

Thanks for the heads up. :)

This does appear as it should be a thing.

I'll investigate it a little, soon.

Yep, what the above said! It's result of responsive design.

Closing the ticket, glad it got solved.

Tested more! I just successfully uploaded and used a banner on Opera on windows10 as well (even with addblock).

So it might be elsewhere, hmm.

Perhaps try cleaning your cache and cookies to see if that hepls?