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So far I wasn't able to reproduce it, but we'll keep trying.

If anyone has anymore info or experiences the same issue, please let us know!


I'll check on this with developers.

Hi there!

Could you please try to clear your browser's cache ( Local storage, cookies ) and hard-refresh the page to see if that fixes the issues. There may be some old file stuck cached for your browser.

Please let us know if the issue persists.

Just to be sure here!

It's possible you are promoting the submissions instead? "Star" is promote. That's pretty much something like retweet.

Favorite is "Heart" icon.

We need to stop the import manually if it gets stuck like this.

Please submit a private ticket containing:

- Your FurryNetwork @name

- Brief description of your problem.


Can you replicate it with disabled adblock? Preferably completely, or in Chrome's incognito tab.

Your favorites should appear under your favories

Promotions, I don't believe there's currently a way. Would you like to see it? Make a suggestion please! :)

If you mean who promoted you, it would be in notification feed. You may not see who favorited your things, though.

This is very curious and interesting suggestion. I like that.

A week perhaps of grace period to change/fix submission.

We know the future!

...alternatively, I suspect it might be some magic with timezones.

Lets see what our developers figure out!