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I'm personally a little unsure about this myself.

However. I am not against letting users express that they are roleplayers, for example. Which can easily be represented by (planed) group support, so maybe yet another way to express it won't be needed.

As for RP itself, I'd say there are sites you can visit for full role play experience and possibly better to keep the RP there.

This thread ends here since it's getting too wild. Please stay on topic and without hostility.

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Hi there!

You move submissions by selecting them in your "manage submissions" editor by clicking at them (One or multiple).

On the right side, you should have a panel offering edits to the submissions, including change of category, or putting the submission into folders. If any folders are created, that is.

After that, just click the save button.

Hopefully this answers the question, let us know if not!

While we do not plan to keep the suggestion forums moderated forever (unlikely for much longer actually), we might this suggestion in consideration. :)

Maybe tag system may help us here.

Search writings, #poem?

But I can see how categorization may be benefical as well.

Giving this a moment just in case it needed time to reflect the changes (cached files, maybe even pending deploy, etc).
Let us know if thing's not working, still.

Please send us a private ticket with your FN @name for manual reset. :)

Change might not be live yet.

Lets give it couple of days or something like that!

Oh, I do like this one.

I never remember birthdays unless some site tells me... (Including mine own, sometimes.)