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I tried to replicate it in both Firefox and Chrome, but I wasn't successful.

Aren't there any addons in your browser that may interfere?

Could you try with them deactivated? Can you replicate it on different browser as well?

I'll give it a shot. I use firefox. I've tried it with adblock on and off, and it happens regardless.

All i have to do to make it happen is look at the fresh list, type in a couple tags, scroll around, and big chunks start disappearing.

I've checked it out in chrome, and search is busted there. The same tags result in ONE image, (mine actually, https://beta.furrynetwork.com/artwork/661324/ ) The search results for just pikachu result in completely different posts in chome than they do in firefox for me.

This is really weird.

That indeed is.Could you try to log in via Chrome's incognito tab? I do suspect some plugin or addon is indeed interfering.

Sorry, been working.

I just tested in chrome, in an incognito window. It doesn't do the disappearing behavior, but the results do stop far before you'd expect them to. Actually, on the first search i did, they stop on the same image that seemed to be triggering the disappearing / flipping behavior.

The only extension i have in chrome is adblock plus? But it does it, even when you disable it on FN. Surely that wouldn't cause it, right?