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Anyone else is experiencing this issue I wonder?

If that's so, please let us know!

Kogenta, could you please try if you can replicate this issue in different browser, of (if using any) without addons?

Hi there!

Interesting. Which kind of browser are you using? Can you replicate it on different browser as well?

Any addons running in your browser?

That means you own us one draft! Please provide!

..however, I'll submit this bug to our developers and we'll take a look at it. Any clue what could have cause it?

Could you share your @name with us? Either here, or IM it to @Rykomi via FN message. Thanks!

Hi there!

Could you please share with us what kind of browser are you using and if you are using any addons/plugins?

On which pages can you replicate the issue?

Hi there!

The link is update from acceptable-use-policy into acceptable-upload policy.

Please let us know if there's a link somewhere that doesn't reflect this change.

Hi there!

It should work like that.

Please report it into bugs if that's not the case, or let us know!

I like this idea.

Lets see if it gets enough attention/demand from userbase!

I'll add my vote.

While 2-letter names are a little concerning due to the limitation of how many variations it allows, I'd say it can't hurt.

For longer names, I'm pretty sure some people would appreciate it. The only concern may be "Will it fit?" for page layouts.

Not common! I assume things could have gotten lost in the pile of messages and requests we receive and we wish to apology for that. While rare, it may happen.

I'd suggest to try again, or send us a private ticket, please!