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I keep clicking it too! \o/

I'm fairly sure this one's going to be reviewed and fixed soon.

I like this idea.

However. Do you people have suggestion on how to make it fair?

How to decided who of those thousand of artists would/should be featured?

I suspect people might just create another account instead. Hm.

Perhaps optional alt-characters listing?

Some people surely would like to stay anonymous between characters.

I'm fairly sure 90% of those are not "mistakes". :3

Those 10% can manually request change.

I'd suspect it would still be better than being bombarded by "I'm streaming" submissions! :o

I'd believe YCH and Auctions are slightly different thing. However, your linky here should be enough to allow us consider that aspect as well when reviewing it.

I do not believe animated png are supported enough by browsers yet.

Let's see if other people can verify this, or if it was indeed just rare glitch from some update.

Management is actually not support, you'll indeed have more luck here.

What kind of browser are you using? Did you try different one? Are you using any addons or plugins that may interfere with the login process?