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Hi there.

Could you share some more information with us? I wasn't able to replicate it.

Which page exactly are you on (as an url). Is there any security software on your computer, especially one that might be affecting websockets? 

Good news!

We successfully deployed the fix for follower system. However, there are few minor side effects that should be mentioned:

It is going to bring back the past two weeks of activity feed into everyone’s inbox, even if they’ve been clearing it. This will make the process an order of magnitude faster than trying to recreate the activity feeds while accounting for cleared items.

Also, we cannot recover the following items:

- Unread notification counts, “current character” selection if you have multiple characters (it will revert to your default)

- And the “blacklist tag suggestion” queue (which should only affect people who haven’t logged in since last time the default blacklist update)

Once more, our apology about the inconvenience.

We are indeed having some issues with the follow system and our team is currently investigating it. Hopefully the functionality will be restored quickly. Our apology about the inconvenience.

This appears to be a bug indeed.

Probably an oversight while implementing this new feature.

We'll look into getting it fixed soon as soon as possible.

Edit: We are working on a fix right now. It should be fixed with next site update.

The image should be removed now.

Could you check for us please?


Could you report the image in question directly on Furry Network please?

We will investigate!

As it appears, there are still issues with rubber-banding and jumping issues while scrolling.

We are re-opening this bug for further investigation and fixin'.

Please share your experience with this bug, along with browser, version and operating system you are using.


From what I see around, the formula for "Hot" (*giggle*) is only logarithm from (upvotes - downvotes), all that divided by seconds of how old the thing is. Nothing else.

We do not have downs, so it's just ups.

So... it is basically what we have with the week/month top. I believe it wouldn't hurt, though. Perhaps it could be some sort of algorithm for couple of randomly selected hot-picks, or something like that. Perhaps once the site grows a little more, then it might be indeed worth having something like this. 

Hi there!

Send us a private ticket with your FN @handle please, we'll reset it for you.

Our current focus was on commission system development.

For the time being, this behavior was partially implemented, so when you open an image from gallery, the scroll won't get reset.

Pagination of result is scheduled for development and I believe this might come along with it.