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While technically difficult, I think it would be nice to have. I often misclick or forget that something takes me off the page and the scroll is gone.

It's also difficult to find "where you left of" afterwards. Opening things in new tab is a workaround, but not solution!

This appears to be fixed!

If that's not the case, please let us know again and we'll reopen the topic!

We donut want tags as jokes here, tags are for searching art. ._.

Unsure myself.

Some ideas and answered questions should still be good to be searchable.

We'll investigate what kind of options userecho provides.

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Hi there!

Pretty simple here:

Human or any other humanoid art is indeed allowed (So are feral creatures).

There are no real restrictions in this direction on Furry Network. :)

Hi there!

Is this issue still relevant?

If so, could you provide us with details about your browser, browser version and OS?

This should be now reworked!

Hopefully it looks better and less confusing.

If that's not the case, or you feel it still needs fixing or improvement, please create a topic again for the new layout.