Option to hide selected collections from main gallery view (eg Scraps Folder)

spacepoptart 8 years ago updated by Rio Noelani 8 years ago 4

Being able to select which folders/collections' submissions are actually visible in your main gallery, while still being public and accessible to anyone who visits your profile, by clicking on that folder to see them listed. Much like the scraps folder on FA :^)

I feel it'd be nice for artists who have also gift or commission art from others, to have that seperate from their main gallery, but still accessible.


Now that you mentioned it, this feature would be nessecary if I wanted to completely make FN my home instead of FA (What I mean by home is place I post everything and not just pick the best to submit).

Addittionally it'd be nice if the scraps content didn't display in the main artwork feeds.

I really miss having a scraps section... I would be quite pleased with the option to individually select which Collections/Folders are listed publicly, have submissions that show in my main gallery, and notify my followers.

Keeping an eye on this!

I'm glad I did a search for this, because I literally just made a folder for "Old and Unfinished Artwork" and scanned in and uploaded a bunch. Obviously, it's old artwork, it's not finished... I don't want that to be the first thing someone sees when they go to my "Gallery." I definitely want to be able to either hide artwork from the main gallery or even just have a "featured" folder (like deviantart) that I can assign artwork to if I want it to show in my primary gallery.