Ability to "Like" comments

Twelve 8 years ago updated by Alkaris 8 years ago 4

Any good comment system needs the ability to like or up-vote a comment! I say leave the dislike/down-vote out, but give the best comments a chance to shine!

Do you mean those comments would show up on the top? That sounds kinda cool.

Another addition I think would be useful is give the artist/profile owner ability to do one picked comment (say in a submission) that displays on top.

Although if that gets added, reading new comments needs to get more clear (atm they just link to submission where new comment is, but you have to dig out that comment if theres many)

I agree; perhaps if you get to that submission by selecting a comment, it highlights the comment in question so you can spot it quickly.


There absolutely needs to be a way for page owners to flag or hide comments from asinine people, though. It'd be a good feature to have, to reduce drama if nothing else. As long as other people could manually open the hidden comments it shouldn't be that much of a problem.

Being able to Like or Favorite comments would be great.

But I think the comments section on submissions should be improved first, it's rather awkward to look at, and it could be better layout where it's easier to read, so that it's not crammed to the side of the page. Would be better if comments followed below the submissions instead of being crammed to a small area at the side of the screen. Much like how comment sections appear here on this support forum section.