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Community tab chat room

EclipsedHusky 8 years ago updated by Kaleb Sanchez 4 years ago 13 2 duplicates

A live place directly on the site for people to just hop in and out chat, could have SFW and NSFW rooms

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Aside from the primary chatrooms (they are bound to get crowded xD) there could also be an option for people to create themed rooms themselves: open or private. I think sofurry has something like this.

This requires pretty active moderation tho.


I imagine it being similar to f-list, in this sense at least: Only certain public rooms are "offical" and actively moderated by site staff. User-created rooms are moderated by the creators of the room and who the creators deem fit to run it, with site staff only being called in when things get out of hand. (EG: A publicly marked room that has moderators actively allowing people to break the site's rules.)

It could be an option to have non-official public rooms closed for conversation when no moderators are online, or hidden from the public chat list.

I know that BD/Dragonfruit now owns F-list/f-chat, I was curious to learn whether fchat and furrynetwork would integrate in any way.

I'm going to speculate "no", since f-chat/f-list is specifically fetish-oriented, and furrynetwork's SFW content is extremely limited (I think it said something along the lines of 'if it's fetish-related it must be marked as adult', though many 'fetish' subjects are completely tame/PG 13 at least - forgive me if I'm wrong the site's being finicky and I can't double check rn), though they could definitely recycle the system for use on FN.

Meh, it might be easier to integrate Telegram or something into the site rather than coding a chat room.

Or something more common and better like IRC


I would love something like this ^^ right now the site seems crowded with artwork from people who upload 20 at a time. If we had something like this it wouldn't feel like such a black hole and more of a community. : )


The Sofurry Chat usually very active and works great also members can be made mods and it usually runs smoothly.

I'm honestly surprised this doesn't have more support.

I absolutely love community chatrooms. I have spent many of my young days in the Deviantart chatrooms, and those places helped me make some lifelong friends. Nothing brings a community together quite like an easily accessible chatroom, I think for a website that claims to be a "network" for furries, a chatroom is necessary!

Under review

I have this on our list of items to review. It's a bit low on the priority list, but we do want to see if it's feasible.

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