Improve the layout of story lists

Twelve 8 years ago updated by Charlie 8 years ago 7

Currently, a list of stories is linear, a single line of links and descriptions that one scrolls down until he finds what he or she wants. Can this be laid out in a way that's easier to navigate? Perhaps a wider version of the thumbnail to accomodate part of the description? Also, can thumbnails or cover images please be supported for stories?

I suggest possibly cutting out the tags, making it so that they display when you hover over the story. Perhaps limiting descriptions to ~100 characters.

Cutting out tags might work, but a 100 characters limit is too short, I think. That's less than a Tweet! How would one effectively generate interest and give a glimpse of the work with no more than a single sentence? 100 WORDS might work, but for some that could still be too little space.


The page could easily fit two stories side by side as well.


I would love thumbnail support. Also, right now the story page is so hard to navigate, I can't just quickly glance through it. It feels like I have to scroll for infinity to find anything. I'd much rather have it look more like the photo and image pages.


What i really want to see is the layout fimfic.net is rocking. its easy to navigate, and doesnt cluster up space.

I do love the way fimfiction.net has things laid out. It works less like a list of stories and more like a hub for the user's written work.

Thumbnail support would definitely help, or at least a "short summary" that you can type out. The user can then scroll over your thumbnail / short summary to get an extended look and see if the story is something they'd be interested in.

A short summary would be enough to get the bare gist of the story across, and it would also allow the story page to be displayed in a grid view like the rest of the site, creating parity and making it easier to browse stories. Thumbnails would obviously be more ideal for this, but unless the writer wants to devote his entire thumbnail image to a tag summary, it would be fairly moot.

Anything more concise that would allow the reader to quickly scroll through the list of stories would be an improvement. As it is, it's a bit of a pain compared to the rest of the site, especially if a writer gets verbose with his description. Perhaps dropping the font size on the site itself so there can be two columns rather than one?