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Notification Optimization

Noodles and Foxpany 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

Kinda needs to be more optimization to the notification system. Sometimes when I click on a category it doesn't load and loads the previous category. Does this on all my machines on Chrome and Firefox and Safari (didn't test on Edge (*COUGH* IE *COUGH*)). Don't know if this is a load time issue that throws out an error and says "Fuck it we'll just load the previous request" but might be something in the jQuery if thats what your using.

Those are called submissions, notifications are the little messages that tell when someone watched you ^^;

Just saying since people will probably misunderstand the post from title.

But this does happen to me sometimes too, on iceweasel. Specifically happens when I browse the categories really quickly.

Under review

I wanted to check on this issue. We've had some significant redesigns for the site, and this should be fixed. Are either of you still experiencing this? If so, I'd want to take a deeper look.

Thank you!