[User Interaction / Artist Profile] Miscellaneous Ideas for Interaction & Artist Customization

Sylar Enderpaws 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2


Add a layer of both interactivity for members of the site to interact with both an artist and with each other, while allowing an artist to interact more, and have a deeper interaction with, members that would act more as a community within the site itself.

Possible Implementation:

An option for, aside from general text posts, the ability to upload journals and polls. Maybe even a small-scale forum available to set up and be moderated by the artist themselves.


I, personally, love asking people questions, and hearing their opinions and how their mind works. It would be a great tool for me to be able to ask questions, and see ongoing statistics, or let people have the ability to search through questions or scenarios I have posed and answer or give their own input at their discretion from a list, or a thread of topics or list of smaller questions connected to a larger idea. This, obviously, isn't a thing the site needs, and I'd hope if ever it does get attention put into it from the wonderful people that make this site a possibility, that they have put in effort into bringing you more vital or more requested things first.

I'd love to know what the community thinks about this suggestion and the pros and cons of having it implemented. Or if anyone would actually use the bloody thing!

Journals - http://support.furrynetwork.com/topic/1156467-actual-journals/

Polls would be really nice too, or generally posts where you can instead put a few questions people answer either by choosing from a ready list or type themselves - would be great for both free raffles and votes! :3

Groups are probably going to be implimented, so I'd assume those artists who like could put together one where people could ask them how they do things / place to post tutorials and informative things!
Groups - http://support.furrynetwork.com/topic/1121438-group-support/


There are a lot of various suggestions that we're looking at right now that should increase interactivity between users, and those will be tracked in the individual threads; we'll consider this specific thread complete, and we'll track changes for individual issues in the individual threads.

As Neotheta showed, we've added journals, and we're looking at group support. We're also looking at the possibility of adding shoutouts to profiles (that can be enabled or disabled by the user). Simply put, networking is critical for a network, and we're hopefully going to start implementing other changes soon.