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I wanted to give an update to some things that have happened. For a while, FN had an issue with indexing images in the database. Sometimes images did not appear in the location or order where they should have been. I believe this may have been related. We've since made changes to how images are indexed, and this should be resolved.

If there are any continuing issues with this, though, please let us know.

I wanted to check in on this since we hadn't heard a reply. From what I can see, you've been able to log in and interact with site content since this was posted, so I believe the issue has been resolved. However, if you do have any other problems, please let us know here.

Thank you!

Rykomi, I definitely think tags need to be better implemented. There have been a few suggestions, and the one that stood out to me the most was allowing your interests to be listed as tags you can easily click to search; I'm also suggesting to the devs that we have the interests appear when uploading submissions.

The site has undergone some changes. At this point, the image in the gallery is changed to a .jpg file, but clicking "download" will allow you to see the image with the original resolution and format. This will allow for quicker browsing while still providing access to high quality images when you need them.

We've had some layout changes, and there's now a View All link to show all followers rather than the "+1" that previously appeared. For now, we aren't planning to make any additional changes to this system.

Slyfox, I've been going through older tickets, and I realize you didn't receive a response. I apologize. When you're logged into Furry Network, visit to upload submissions. The process should be intuitive, but if you have any difficulties, feel free to ask here.


Hello, Jen. I've been going through several of these older tickets to make sure everything has been resolved. From what I can see, your account has imported images from FA, so I believe you were able to get it working. Every once in a while, we do run into issues with the importer, but we'll work to get it up and running as quickly as possible.

If you still have any lingering issues, please let us know. Thanks!

Hello! I just wanted to revisit this quickly. The site has undergone some significant changes. We don't believe this is an issue any more, but if it is, please let us know. We'd just need to know what browser, version, and operating system you're using.


There hasn't been much demand for this change, and we tend to feel that anything animated works best in the multimedia section - that way, people know what to expect and where to search. If there's significant support for a change in the future, though, we can look into this again.

We've had some significant changes to the site. At this point, clicking "download" on submissions will show you the original image without size or format changes. This will allow for quicker browsing while still having the image with the original quality on the site.