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At this point, links have been changed to act as links, not buttons. This should hopefully improve the experience. If there's another issue that makes the site more difficult to navigate, please let us know.

Active requests shows what staff has reviewed and what may be planned in the future. The wording's a little strange, but it's a practical category to have. We currently have no plans to modify this.

At this point, when you leave the image and return, it shows the correct number of promotes and favorites. Since this is a visual only bug, we ask that you don't click rapidly. We will look into this once getting closer to the final version of the website.

At this point, we won't be creating forums; there are benefits, but many of the other planned features, including message groups, will likely resolve issues of communication. If they don't, we can revisit this at a later time.

Dermot, the biggest problem is that our development team has had development on hold for several months. We've started back up, but there are many more issues that need to be addressed first. With that said, the way you can get MP3s to work is to save them without ID3 tags. If you're not able to do that, there are programs across the internet that can be used to remove those tags.

Here's your file with the tags removed:

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

At this point, it looks like pushing enter to add tags works well. We don't have any current plans to change how adding tags works on mobile.

Right now, we're going to stay with the term "Scope of Work." We also have commission guides and rules that will lay out how the scope should be used; these will be released when we begin testing.

This has been added! If you did prefer the old style, you have the option at the top of the screen to switch back.

This issue has been answered.

At this point, we are going to leave this as-is. We recommend that people save their changes before moving to another submission.