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Thanks for the heads up! This has been fixed.

Hello, Lance! I know this is coming late, but the support site is a separate site from Furry Network. Because of that, support site tickets will not show up on FN; only moderation tickets will be listed there. Hopefully that clears this up!

As a heads up, comments are currently not restricted. I understand that the site had an usual wave of users joining at this time. For now, we're not going to add a white list since posts are automatically shown, but if we do have another giant wave, we'll have a quick discussion about the white list.

Lance, I hope you are doing well. We've had some significant changes to the site, and I believe this issue is resolved now. If you do notice that this still happens, though, please let us know, and we will look into it again.

Hello, Adeloo! I was going through all the older tickets to make sure everything was resolved. From what I see, you managed to submit images after this ticket, so I believe the issue is fixed. If you're still having issues, though, please let us know.

We've had some changes to the site; at this point, the tools are only listed on the left side of the screen. In addition, there's the option to toggle the descriptions of those tabs on or off. This makes the menu much more compact.

I think the toggle isn't super obvious right now - clicking the question mark at the top of the left menu closes the descriptions. I'll be checking with development later to see if we can make it more obvious.

We've been looking into how to implement the "interest" tags. What we're currently planning to do is have them appear either when you search or when uploading so you can click and quickly add them to the system. 

Blocking and muting are slightly different. Blocking characters should prevent them from seeing your content whereas muting characters will prevent you from seeing theirs in your activity history.

I know things will be changing as time goes on, and we may have things change. I agree that having better explanations on the site would help, though, and we're going to look into having integrated explanations as we get close to release.

Aquilak, I hope you are doing well. We've had some work done to the importer, and it should now be working fine. If you'd like, give it a shot and let us know if you have any problems.


WindTide, thank you for sending this suggestion. I've been thinking about this compared to the site right now. I tend to think this might end up being more confusing than helpful. Right now, if I'm on the page, I know that when I scroll the mouse wheel, the entire page will move. If we had a second scroll bar, it would be difficult to know if I'd actually scroll the way I want.

Even with the addition, in the end, I would still need to scroll to see more information.

At this point, we'll plan to keep the layout the way it is, but we do appreciate new ideas!

Nska, I hope you are doing well. I apologize for the delay, but the importer should be working again. If you'd like, give it a shot and let us know if you're still having any issues.