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Good information for us to have, Rahul. We're going to look into this in the future - it's not a high priority item right now, but I do want to address this when possible.

I agree, Rykomi. I think the biggest difficulty is getting your work noticed on the site right now, especially if you're new. We're looking at other ways to get noticed, but having something that shows newer work would definitely be good. I'm not completely sure what shape it'd take, but once we have these other improvements in place, we can take a look and see if this would be helpful.

You made a similar thread just the other day here:

Again, the support forums are meant for issues with the site. Feel free to email about policies. We also ask that you do not create multiple threads with the same topic.

The support forums are meant for issues with the website rather than policies. If you do wish to discuss policy changes, please email

That would definitely be good. If I'm looking for Telegram stickers, I don't want to wade through a billion artists doing sketches. Make it fast; make it simple!

For now, we're going to go with the understanding that murrsuits would be allowed as long as there are no visible human genitalia. If there were an issue in the future, though, we do reserve the right to review this decision and change it.

No worries, Vas. I know it had a rough patch early on - waves of people joined the site, and it was very understaffed. We're at the point where gradual, sustainable growth is possible.

And I appreciate the encouragement! I was able to meet with the devs this last week and talk to them; I'm expecting some big changes in the next couple of months.

Seazar, thank you for the questions. Let's see what I can address:

  • Since users would choose what art to share on their social media page, they get to choose if they share SFW or NSFW content. For example, if your Twitter account is for SFW content, just don't click to share NSFW pictures on Twitter.
  • In most cases, people uploading artwork to a gallery want to be seen more often. Users have the option to leave submissions unlisted, meaning others can't see it without a direct link. I'm wondering - does anyone want their pictures shared without having their name attached? I think the great majority would want at least the link back to their gallery.
  • I talked about the option of disabling sharing in the above post; personally, I think there are more cons than pros, but I'd like to hear others' opinions.
  • For feedback, do you mean how would staff take it? We try to listen to everyone's opinions and make a choice that will work best for the community.

This issue should now be resolved. Please let us know if you need anything else.

For now, I believe the site changes have helped the core FN website on mobile, and it's at the point where it works well. The support site was designed by another group, though, so we don't have too much say in the way that it's designed for mobile.