"Favourites" Tab non-functioning

Napther 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 6

To whom it may concern,

Despite having faved people art, Nothing is appearing in the favourites tab.

Despite clearly having favourited something, Not sure if Faving my OWN ARTWORK is a cause of the problem, but, errr...

Also, Not sure if any of the artists Im following have posted things, but nothing is appearing in the "Whats New" tab. And only in the Following tab is things dplayed... from 3 months ago.

Not sure if this is the de-facto correct way to report bugs, but, its something.

Redirected from Twitter to report this,



Same thing happened to me!!

Also its not my art so i don't think its because of that.

I also have this issue intermittently. When I first favorited a handful of pieces it took a few hours for them to show under the favorites tab. Even now I'll still occasionally get the message informing me that I have made no favorites, but sometimes that will resolve itself if I allow the tab to load for several minutes.

"What's New" often fails to notify me, too. It only ever seems to update the notification after I load the tab.

same problem here

Under review


So far I wasn't able to reproduce it, but we'll keep trying.

If anyone has anymore info or experiences the same issue, please let us know!


I wanted to give an update to some things that have happened. For a while, FN had an issue with indexing images in the database. Sometimes images did not appear in the location or order where they should have been. I believe this may have been related. We've since made changes to how images are indexed, and this should be resolved.

If there are any continuing issues with this, though, please let us know.