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Just to let you know, we're talking with the developer on this. We'll likely have more information early next week.

I would love for this to happen. Right now, we're working on getting a WYSIWYG text editor ready and implemented, and that will definitely be an improvement over Markdown. I would love to support document uploads in the future, as well; just to be realistic, though, that would be a long-term goal rather than something in the near future.

I appreciate it, Ernos! I'm thinking that since we're revamping the system and adding a WYSIWYG editor for stories and journals, that will likely fix the problem; I'm hoping we're able to get that together in the next few months.

Nadim, I appreciate this suggestion. I think we have two ways to go about this.
1. Create a category that shows all submissions and make that the default.
2. Allow users to select which category would be the default when someone views their gallery.
I think either would work, but I'd just want to make sure we only do one of these - it could get confusing with both. What do you think?

Ernos, thank you for letting us know about this. Could you possibly create a published or unlisted example and link that for us? That way, it would help us see exactly what you're seeing in the file.

I appreciate your help!

Takyoji, thank you for letting us know about this option. I'm meeting with developers tomorrow, and I'll bring this option up - I'd definitely be happy to talk with you if we had more questions.

Could you flag the submission? We may be able to delete it through admin access.

Thank you for letting us know. I'll add this to the list of things we want to address - I can imagine others would lose journals because of this.

Bluff, to some degree, we already have this implemented; if you click the download button when viewing an image, it will show you the image at its full resolution. I think we could have this be more intuitive, though.

We have something like that currently; it updates with the submissions receiving the most faves/promotes/visits for that week. Adding a daily filter would probably do the trick without having to add extra parameters.