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Gany, thank you for the report. I apologize for the long delay - we've had some site updates, and this should no longer be an issue. If you do still have any problems with it, though, please let us know.

We haven't seen any other complaints about this, and the links should be bright enough to be read on top of the darker background. If we do have complaints in the future, we can look into this again.

This issue is not happening now and should be resolved.

Thank you for the suggestion. At this point, I've thought about the suggestion and how other sites work. They don't currently remove those images from the popular feed, and a large reason why is that users often will use that feed later to quickly find the best posts that they've seen to share with others. Alternatively, users sometimes want to see how a submission is doing compared to others in the grand scheme of things.

We'll go ahead and pass on this for now, but if there's a large demand to add this option in the future, we can reconsider it.

Hah, I think the giant wave of tickets about a year ago is what really led to the delays in addressing these - at that time, the white list would have definitely helped!

Honestly, though, there are still some really important suggestions floating around here, and now that we're in development again, I want to make sure I don't miss something that's site changing.

Neotheta, I was going through the older tickets and noticed this. Layout changes are always a bit difficult - even if they can improve things, some users will always prefer the older version. We're planning to keep the layout the way it is for a good amount of time, but I do expect we'll eventually have a change in the future.

Hey, Belles. We've had some updates since this was reported, and I believe it's fixed. If you're still having issues, though, please let us know!

Charlie, I'm reviewing the older tickets we have, and I'm thinking that we basically have this implemented - having multiple characters allows you to cross-post from one character to another, so you should be able to comment on each others' submissions.

We're also looking at other ways to spruce up the timeline and make it much more interactive.

I wanted to give an update here. We've had some site updates since this ticket was submitted, and if this was an issue, it should be fixed now. I'm going to echo what Rykomi said, though, and that users can upload images without having them go to the main gallery.

Thank you for sending this in. We've had site work done, and this should be working correctly now. If you have any additional issues, please let us know.