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This is definitely a bit of a hard topic. Currently, our rules about plagiarism say it includes "[c]reating edits of any work without the original owner or creator’s consent." In general, I would say that anything protected under Fair Use would be fine; however, if large or full portions of songs are used (as in the case of DJ mixes), it would be crossing the line here and would not be allowed unless explicit permission is given.

The layout has significantly changed over the months. At this point, we have a set of tiles all grouped together on the home screen. In general, this is easy to view, and it should be quick to browse through the submissions.

Socks gave a helpful answer. At this point, users no longer need registration codes to register, so this will no longer be an issue.

Significant redesigns have happened at this point, and you may now click your icon on the home screen to take you to your profile.

The importer has had some flubs throughout the months, but at this point, it should be functioning correctly. If you do experience any additional issues, feel free to submit a new ticket.

While this may have been an option for a growing site, it has unfortunately been shut down.

At this point, animations can be posted in Multimedia. We've also revised the Acceptable Upload Policy to show what is and is not allowed in term of game screenshots - we want the site to be focused around user-created content, and screenshots without original user content will not be permitted.

There's currently not enough game content to justify a separate category, but if we do have an influx of content, we can revisit this topic.

At this point, the issue has been addressed in Neotheta's thread. We're always open to additional changes in the future, so if there are other ideas, feel free to submit a new ticket.

At this point, people are able to search using tags. The one worry I'd have with filters is that most of that can be done just through solid tagging; it's best to keep that simple.

We do have different time periods for popular sorting, and this is being worked on right now to make it work better.

I think it may be helpful. We'll be reviewing and see if this is practical.