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At this point, the layout has changed, and this does not appear to be an issue with the current version of the site. If the scrollbar does appear for you in the future, though, feel free to submit a ticket.

Varka gave a helpful image to show how this can be done. This can be customized and will likely fit the need described here.

This sounds similar to how Tumblr does it. I'm thinking that could be handy - it's something we'll review and see if it's something we'd like to implement at some point.

At this point, more development has occurred, and it appears that this issue has been resolved; artists are now correctly showing up in the follow list. If this does appear to happen again in the future, feel free to submit a separate ticket.

This appears to have been resolved; clearing submissions now shows a blank page. If this issue appears to happen again in the future, please send another ticket.

At this point, this issue appears to have been resolved; I've checked on Microsoft Edge, and artifacts do not show up. Development can always cause issues to appear, so if artifacts appear in the future, feel free to submit another ticket.

After reviewing this, every view appears to be a unique person viewing a submission. The view doesn't increase until you leave and return to the submission. This is working fine.

At this point, it looks like view counts are increasing when I view them. Maybe there was just a flub yesterday; however, it does look like it only increments once per person. That's probably fine; if that's the case, I might consider specifying that these are "unique views" since other sites have views work differently.

With that said, we likely won't need anything else for this.

Unique views would be a fine idea, but there were plenty I visited that later said they had 0 views. It's possible the total is updating later, but if so, it's taking hours to do so.