Everything is grey

adeloo 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

Hello !

So i'm new on FurryN and i did upload an avatar and a submission the other day but since few days all i can see is that i imported submissions in draft but no images appear when i click it doesn't do anything ... and even when i try to put an avatar ( mine is total grey now ) i see the 0% then window close and nothing new happened .

So what is wrong ?

I try to disable Adblock , nothing changed what i am suppose to do to make this site works for me seriously ? ^^ I need help !


Under review

Hey there - sorry for the delay in response. Is everything still grey for you?


Hello, Adeloo! I was going through all the older tickets to make sure everything was resolved. From what I see, you managed to submit images after this ticket, so I believe the issue is fixed. If you're still having issues, though, please let us know.