Profile Page - Left Column Content Given a Scroll Bar

WindTide 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

The profile page has a section which the user is able to edit on their own accord to fit the needs of sharing their character/profile section. As part of the creative aspect to tailor a profile to the individual's needs, there are ways to add as many custom fields as possible.

However, for some profiles, some might elect to write plenty of information that it ends up extending the bottom of the page quite far, not to mention make it difficult to reach a profile's association with other accounts.

In addition, it makes it a hassle for some people who want to be able to read the profile, but have to scroll the entire length in order to reach the section they might be interested in looking up. The vertical layout makes it difficult to spread out the text and requires it to push the column further down.

What if instead, the column were to implement a Scroll Bar? The Column would be given a set size that uses a more intended size, and the user can scroll quickly through the profile section as needed.

This is my proposed idea that I have set out, and I think it has good merit to be considered from a design and functionality perspective.


WindTide, thank you for sending this suggestion. I've been thinking about this compared to the site right now. I tend to think this might end up being more confusing than helpful. Right now, if I'm on the page, I know that when I scroll the mouse wheel, the entire page will move. If we had a second scroll bar, it would be difficult to know if I'd actually scroll the way I want.

Even with the addition, in the end, I would still need to scroll to see more information.

At this point, we'll plan to keep the layout the way it is, but we do appreciate new ideas!