White List Support Moderation

Vas 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 8

Since you have an issue with people who spammed the support area, what if you add a white list where after a certain amount of legitimate posts, and the user appears to be someone who isn't going to stir up trouble, white list them so their stuff gets posted automatically?

I've posted a few new topics and shared them immediately with friends and they went "Nothing loaded, a broken link." and then after a while I figured out "Oh, it hasn't officially posted yet, thats why."

So, I understand the need for moderation, but it would be nice to white list those you can trust not to stir up trouble. Is just a thought, is all. I doubt it will happen considering the support software used here is not custom built like the site is and may not be as easy to modify but felt worth mentioning.

While we do not plan to keep the suggestion forums moderated forever (unlikely for much longer actually), we might this suggestion in consideration. :)

It still says the support forum is under lockdown, that voting and commenting and posting has to be approved. I can apparently freely vote for things, and I'll find out whether the commenting is still restricted after submitting this... Commenting remains restricted, over a month later. Alrighty, then.


As a heads up, comments are currently not restricted. I understand that the site had an usual wave of users joining at this time. For now, we're not going to add a white list since posts are automatically shown, but if we do have another giant wave, we'll have a quick discussion about the white list.

Its kinda funny that this got answered a year later than when it was posted.  xD  Like suddenly all my tickets are now being gotten to, a year later.. xD

Hah, I think the giant wave of tickets about a year ago is what really led to the delays in addressing these - at that time, the white list would have definitely helped!

Honestly, though, there are still some really important suggestions floating around here, and now that we're in development again, I want to make sure I don't miss something that's site changing.

You're saying that the conflagration which was manufactured by agitators and exacerbated by you all well over a year ago, was the cause of you answering this over a YEAR later? Thanks for the additional evidence of FN's incompetence and your honesty.

I just wish my suggestion for changing the message system would have been accepted.  I really don't like the message system as it is now, its too much of an instant messenger when it should be a note system instead like FA has.  Its more of a site email, and should be that way.

Anyhow, I know that FN exploded into popularity, so some people seem to be angrily attacking FN.  Don't get discouraged from what Roketsune says.

No worries, Vas. I know it had a rough patch early on - waves of people joined the site, and it was very understaffed. We're at the point where gradual, sustainable growth is possible.

And I appreciate the encouragement! I was able to meet with the devs this last week and talk to them; I'm expecting some big changes in the next couple of months.