Explain Content Settings

Vas 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

I would like to see some explination of the content settings in the content settings page. For example, what is an "interest" tag going to do? If I put the word "Dragon" in it, is the site going to show everything tagged Dragon tome regardless of who I'm watching or not? Or what? What's the difference between blocking and muting too? You should explain these all on the content settings page for other people who may not know what these things do.

Here let me try it for you. I have mine set to gay, male solo, and male-male. I'll change it to only straight real quick. It has no effect on the art submissions. I tried searching saucier terms just in case and still no difference. So it might organize the What's New section.


We've been looking into how to implement the "interest" tags. What we're currently planning to do is have them appear either when you search or when uploading so you can click and quickly add them to the system. 

Blocking and muting are slightly different. Blocking characters should prevent them from seeing your content whereas muting characters will prevent you from seeing theirs in your activity history.

I know things will be changing as time goes on, and we may have things change. I agree that having better explanations on the site would help, though, and we're going to look into having integrated explanations as we get close to release.