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I noticed that even if I have something in a series (written works) That there is not way to view all work in that series, or have a "Next" button to continue reading on to the next chapter/page in the work. At least not that I'm seeing anyway. This could also be done with photos, so that those con photos can all be viewed in one place. I would guess it would be something similar to folders, with a next button on the bottom of the page, or perhaps a left and right arrow.



This is something we are planning to add in time for launch! We'll probably do it as some navigation options that show up above "Other artwork by [username]" on the sidebar of the image.

Good catch on this!

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Support for multiple contributors to a series would also be a lot of fun. On tumblr you'll often see artists reblogging each other's art with new drawings in response and it turns into this sort of participatory comic.

Pixiv has a feature called "Image Response" (unfortunately no official English documentation) which could fit what you're describing, a way of chaining submissions together. Pixiv's way of setting it up is kind of convoluted, but the end result is pretty neat! If you have an account, you can see it in action under the comments for this image or this template.

I'm familiar with Pixiv's image response feature and almost suggested it, but I figured more folks would be familiar with the Tumblr example. :D

We kind of already have this - in the form of Collections:


I believe it can also be applied to stories, too. Here's how you do it:

There are forward and back arrows shown on view-submission pages to navigate back and forth, which should let you browse through (say) a comic, in order.

Does this do what you're looking for?

The collection feature works well for stories, but there are no navigation links for series on the actual submission page to simply move to the next chapter. Currently you'd have to got to the collection or back to the user's gallery first in order to see the next part of a series. A nice spot for those "Previous | Next" links would be the bottom of the page, so that a user can simply click it and go to the next piece in the series after reading the story he currently is at.

Under review

Hmm - yeah, adding forward/back arrows at the bottom of a story when it's part of a collection would likely solve this problem I think. Converting this to "under review", so we can track it.

Ok that was apart of what I was missing and I already have a collection going for my webseries. My only reason for bring up the missing next/previous buttons was for easier navigation through the stories in a collection. Something like SF with out being SF. On SF a series of submissions that are related (like stories) is listed on the left. Making it easier to get to the next chapter. Or I'm I missing something, that I'm not seeing when I'm logged in to my own page


This is something we are planning to add in time for launch! We'll probably do it as some navigation options that show up above "Other artwork by [username]" on the sidebar of the image.

Good catch on this!

Now this may be doable with tags or another ingenuitive method, BUT I'm all for more options and power. +1

If you can incorporate some form of hyperlinking that the user can edit, then they can have full power over what they can link to. Maybe something like "[link]url.path[/link]" as sort of a pseudo href that is user-friendly.

http://support.furrynetwork.com/topics/121-series-feature/ There's already a planned feature for this, although I'm not certain if it'll cover artwork uploads aswell (it really should!)

Although it's also possible to create a folder and put the series there, then you can click on the next page below the pic in the little preview thumbnails - provided that they're uploaded in the correct order.

Another cool thing that would work with short comics is multi-page submissions like ArtStation does, there's a topic for that aswell: http://support.furrynetwork.com/topics/235-multi-page-submissions/


If I may add to this, I think it's important to flesh this out a little more. Series can do with more than just a back/next button, frankly. The ability to follow a series, be it visual or written, would be great. A notification when a new part is added to a series or when a series is finished, or when a favorite artist begins a new series, would really make this feature special and very useful.