Going from artist page back to search, keep my place in the scroll

Tdb1726 8 years ago updated by Rykomi (Support Admin) 7 years ago 5

I have just started coming on the site, and one thing I noticed is when scrolling through artists it 1. takes quite long to load and 2. when I click on an artist and then go back to the search it always starts me at the very top so I have to take all that time to scroll back down to where I was. Can you fix it so you go back to the same place in the list?


I don't really think this is that usefull. To achieve this, smply open the artist's page in new tab (click mousewheel instead of your left mouse or do Ctrl+left mouse button on windows - not sure about mac or linux)


While technically difficult, I think it would be nice to have. I often misclick or forget that something takes me off the page and the scroll is gone.

It's also difficult to find "where you left of" afterwards. Opening things in new tab is a workaround, but not solution!

For websites with infinite scroll, and lots of links that pull you away for a moment, then you return to the scroll, knowing your location in that list and bringing you back to where you were is important. Point 2 is definitely a good idea, if you're keeping the infinite scroll.

No updates to this then? This still happens when I go through the feed and it has been a year.

Our current focus was on commission system development.

For the time being, this behavior was partially implemented, so when you open an image from gallery, the scroll won't get reset.

Pagination of result is scheduled for development and I believe this might come along with it.