Auto-convert Tag spaces with Underscores instead of dashes.

Crassus 8 years ago updated by Athari 8 years ago 4

When you enter a tag, it automatically turns spaces into dashes. But many pre-populated suggestion tags have underscores already. Is that because the data was brought in from e621 or something? Might want to have spaces auto-convert into undescores instead. That would be more in line with other sites' tagging / filenaming conventions.

If you decide to do this, better do it soon, because the more art people upload and tag, the more dual tags there will be. Since all the spaces are being auto-converted to dashes, it's going to become a big mess soon.

If you decide not to do this, I suggest eliminating underscores all together and converting all the pre-populated tag suggestions into ones with dashes.


The FA importer keeps underscores as-is, so that's probably one huge source for it. FA tags may also use dashes, so there's some sense in normalizing those, but beware mangling things like "semi-skimmed_milk".

(Aside: the real tragedy in FA tag import is losing that FA tags are ordered, so using them as sideband jokes just turns into noise. ;_; )


We donut want tags as jokes here, tags are for searching art. ._.


I've noticed some of the joke tags from FA that got imported here. Can I suggest some sort of tag correction incentive? I know this is cliche, but achievements/scores? Good tags save lives :3


"Jokes" like that are disallowed even on FA, because they break search. Not that anyone cares...