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Reposting is always a sticky issue, and having a standard form may make users feel obligated to allow reposting elsewhere. If artists want to grant reposting permission, they may have text either on individual art or on their profile page.

I've talked to some other people, and it looks like they think the same thing - when shopping Amazon, for example, you click a category to view only that category. This is something we'll review.

The site has been redesigned, and it looks like this issue has been resolved with that work.

We appreciate the suggestion. I think this comes down to a matter of opinion; I would prefer to have it display the number of messages sent. From what I know, the majority of conversation tools does that, as well.

The design aspect could be aesthetically pleasing, but it would be a large amount of work for something that has minimal benefits. For now, we won't plan to implement that design.

Looks like this is resolved.

We are looking into grouping notification and updates for the Activity History feed. Depending on the level of complexity, it may come before or after launch.

Right now, you can right-click and choose "Save Link." Because this is a direct link to the image, you will be able to download it that way.

The uploading process has been refined, and it should be easier to upload. If there are still difficulties, please let us know, and we can look into further improvements.

The Activity Feed now shows which piece received a comment. This should resolve the issue with notifications.

At this moment in development, notifications are separate from the "What's New" feed. Getting rid of notifications does not remove new submissions.