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Currently, favorites are private. We're looking at rewording these to help clarify what is public and what is private.

The way this has been designed is generally sufficient; the bottom line above "Read More" shows the bottom half of the words cut off, implying that there's more to read.

We're going to look into what it would take to implement this.

Currently, the commission buttons are non-intrusive, but since commissions are such a large part of the mission of this site, it's important to let this be accessible. There is currently no plan to include a toggle to show or hide commission tools.

We appreciate the love! Lots more work to do going forward.

The customizable fields are currently sufficient for the great majority of users. If role-playing is important to you, feel free to create OOC/IC fields on your profile. Another alternative is to create an RP-specific account that represents an in-character role.

Site changes have rolled out over the months, and this no longer appears to be an issue.

This is something that seems difficult to implement in a meaningful way. Tags are always going to be changing, and even if we catch most synonyms, some creative spelling is going to slip by. It's something we can look into if there's a large demand in the future.

This is something we definitely want! We are going to look into this.

Over the past several months, the site has had many changes. At this point, the top toolbar has the "Upload" option, and it's fairly intuitive. This is currently planned to be the final design when the site fully releases.