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The site now has the submission pop up over the initial page, and a "Close" option opens up at the top-right. This makes navigation a little less cumbersome.

The site has had a significant redesign since that time. While only a few rows can be seen, the thumbnails are now compact, and this makes it easier to view a large amount of thumbnails at a time.

After a significant amount of redesign, we are now happy with the general layout. I imagine this could still be simplified further, but we are close to finalized. The navbar at the right side of the screen is now gone.

The layout has significantly changed, and this is no longer an issue.

We don't currently have the ability to automatically save drafts, so we highly recommend saving drafts periodically. As the site grows, this request could become more common, and we can look into including automatically saved drafts at that time.

The site has had a lot of restructuring. At this point, it looks like it's working correctly.

There had been an issue with submissions published simultaneously being reordered randomly. This has been fixed.

When artists are open for commissions, there is a spot in the Community tab to find them. Everyone open for commissions will be visible there.

The layout has changed, and from what I can see, this is no longer an issue.

At this point, we don't have plans to implement this. Split payments would definitely be tricky, and it would add many variables - if one person pays and the other doesn't, what happens to the commission? Because there would be transaction costs, where do those go? It also makes sense to have a single payment contact; otherwise, it could potentially be difficult to track everyone down. The easiest way for now is to have one single payment sent; if multiple people are paying, they can arrange how to pool the funds.