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Double click to view one kind of submission on your feed

Twelve 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

Currently on the feed, if all items are selected for viewing and you click one, FN simply removes that item. If I have the full list (Artwork, Photos, Stories, Multimedia, etc) selected, I find that I have multiple kinds of new items in my feed and I decide I just want to view the stories, I have to deselect all of the other items one by one to get FN to show the stories. Perhaps FN could implement the ability to double-click one of these items to deselect everything else and only display the item I double-clicked.

Agreed. I'm surprised this isn't already a feature!

Under review

I've talked to some other people, and it looks like they think the same thing - when shopping Amazon, for example, you click a category to view only that category. This is something we'll review.