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We don't have plans to have streaming directly to the site, but we're looking at integration with other streaming sites.

The site has gone under significant changes, and this no longer appears to be an issue bothering people. If notifications do still appear to be a bothersome issue, feel free to submit a new ticket, and we can look at solutions.

We've been discussing this recently, and we're reviewing to see what needs to be done for this to happen.

This looks like it's still an issue. This was likely overlooked since the popular feeds were frozen for a while, but now that they're working, we definitely want people to be able to use tags. We will look into this more.

As this is an older issue, site updates have likely solved this problem. If you do have upload issues in the future, please let us know, and we will review it right away.

This looks like it ends up being a visual-only bug. Once you navigate away and back to it, the number is correct. For now, we ask that you don't click rapidly.

This issue appears to have been resolved with site updates.

We don't currently have plans to implement this. While this could be useful when the site gains a large amount of traffic, searching is relatively fast. If there's a large demand in the future, we can look into this again.

At the moment, it seems like there are two methods that would work for the majority of users:

  • Add character information to an individual profile.
  • Create separate characters and link (if desired) back to the main profile

Because we have the tools to create a separate character, we don't have plans to implement character pages on a single profile. I do realize it can be difficult to know how to best use these tools. If getting a number of viewers to a main account is important, it may be good to upload all images to a main profile and sorting them with folders.

The site has undergone some large changes, and the home page currently shows the most recent submissions. At this point, we want people to be able to access what they want a quickly as possible, and a greeting page would likely make this more difficult. We do want new users to be able to gain an audience, though, and we'll be discussing other ways this could be possible.