Click on someone's name on a Notification to go to their profile page

Dark Violet 8 years ago updated by Rykomi (Support Admin) 8 years ago 4

Sometimes it's nice to go and look at the page of someone who commented or promoted your piece. I think that when you click on the name or icon of someone on your notifications, it would be nice to take you to their page!


I dont know how many times ive already tried to click on the persons icon/name to go to their pages when they promoted my thing, but it instead just takes me to my own image and i cant check who promoted me or the favorites cos then ill end up clicking fave or promote on my own image.

Indeed! This is one of those things I regularly find frustrating about the current notification system.

That would be really useful, to e.g. thank a person for appreciating our stuff.

I keep clicking it too! \o/

I'm fairly sure this one's going to be reviewed and fixed soon.