Not a bug

What's New List View "Clear this submission from your feed" bug

TinyFawks 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 3

When viewing "What's New" in List View,:

If I clear the submissions currently loaded in my feed with the "clear this submission from my feed" button the last few submissions I clear are reloaded in my feed when I go to load more submissions.

Update: After clearing all submissions from What's New, I have stopped seeing this bug.

I had around 4,000 notifications in "What's New" when I saw this bug. I gave up on trying to go through all of them and just hit Clear All. Since then I've had about 200 new submissions in What's New and was not able to replicate this bug when clearing them.

Let's see if other people can verify this, or if it was indeed just rare glitch from some update.

Not a bug

I've looked into this, and I've never had this problem appear myself. There also hasn't been any reports on this. I'm thinking that it was either fixed in an update or a strange glitch that happens once in a blue moon.

If you do see it happen again, please note the steps that you took and let us know; that will help us look into it.