RolePlay-"Bulletin Board"

AdalwinAmillion 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 3

What about some place on the website where you can ask for a role play? Or you could "register" yourself on there as a Role Player who can be asked for Role Play.

That would eliminate the strongest argument against the other RolePlay-idea here, since the website won't be immediately associated with a pure-Role-Playing-website. What do you think?

I dont see why not.


I'm personally a little unsure about this myself.

However. I am not against letting users express that they are roleplayers, for example. Which can easily be represented by (planed) group support, so maybe yet another way to express it won't be needed.

As for RP itself, I'd say there are sites you can visit for full role play experience and possibly better to keep the RP there.


For now, we're going to pass on this idea. We do appreciate the suggestion, though, and we'd be happy to reconsider if there were more demand in the future!