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unable to upload larger mp4

Rangarig 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 14


I have been trying to transfer my gallery here. I managed to upload a very small mp4, but once it gets bigger than 2 or 3 megabytes, the upload will freeze at 100% and stop there.

I am using chrome to try this.

This seems to be resolved.

Spoke too soon. My largest animation at 123 megs still has the stopped at 100% problem.

And now I cannot upload any mp4 anymore. Goes to 12~ percent, then jumps to a 100 and then dissappears, also cannot upload thumbnails.

Today it seems to work again. My large file paused at 100% pretty much forever, but when I reloaded the page this morning... it seems it was uploaded okay in the end.

And as of today, I seem to be unable to upload anything anymore.

Under review

Hi there!

Interesting. Which kind of browser are you using? Can you replicate it on different browser as well?

Any addons running in your browser?

Hello there :)

I am running Chrome. The same thing happens in Firefox. I am running Adblock Plus, thats pretty much it. I have sent a Screenshot of the debug info to furry networks twitter account.

Let me know if you need additional info.

Can you replicate it with disabled adblock? Preferably completely, or in Chrome's incognito tab.

Sure. There you go:


I'll check on this with developers.

I can see why this is a problem that only affects a small amount of users. I suspect its a kind of a timeout problem, so if I had a faster upstream than 6 mbit that would probably help. But I do not. I only have 2 larger animations to upload so far which I am unable to... is there an alternative way I could get the files on there? I have tried splitting up one file into two 150mb files... and while the first went through... the second will constantly not work. (stop at 100%) Since I will likely not have that large a file again soon, a one time workaround would be nice :)

I am having the same problem, only my file is 23MB. Any news on this issue?

As a note, we are currently having some other upload issues with the site; our development team is currently looking into this. It's possible these upload difficulties are related to the issue that you're having.