"Read later" feature for stories

Higgins 8 years ago updated by Everett Telos Gale 7 years ago 4

It would be nifty to have some sort of "read later" feature for stories. I generally don't read a lot of stories for the primary reason that when I come across one I'm interested in, I may not have time to read it right then. It would be nice to flag them so I can come back and read them later when I have downtime.

Some sort of integration with another reading app would also work well.

I would love to see this.

I like this idea.

Lets see if it gets enough attention/demand from userbase!

I like this idea! I often check my messages in a little bit of a hurry, so I never read stories (or journals) - this may encourage to do so instead :o

Your avatar looks interesting Higgins! May I have your FN link?

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