Allow short/initial character names

Twelve 8 years ago updated by Avisk 8 years ago 4

My name is 12. I don't usually go by Twelve unless 12 is unavailable. Granted, my name is unusual, but there are many fuzzies out there with two-character names, in particular those with initials like AJ or TJ. Can FurryNetwork allow shorter usernames?


I second this. Getting to have the name I want is pretty much a deciding factor on whether or not to make an account \o/

I'll add my vote.

While 2-letter names are a little concerning due to the limitation of how many variations it allows, I'd say it can't hurt.

For longer names, I'm pretty sure some people would appreciate it. The only concern may be "Will it fit?" for page layouts.

I know I'd appreciate longer names ^_^

Chose Akinokaze here because with the character limit Akinokaze Haruichiban only allowed Akinokaze Harui or something like that.

I would like to see two digit names available for use as well!

It would also be nice to use a longer one... The standard maximum length for usernames seems to be 16 characters, but FN only allows 15, I assume because of the additional @. It would be nice to see it increased by 1 to meet standard, if not by a few more characters.


I would be quite irritated if I couldn't use the name I've been known by for years elsewhere because it was 1 character too long here (and I have used a 16 character handle for almost 20 years now in some places.)