See Latest Art?

IJrges 8 years ago updated by Rykomi (Support Admin) 8 years ago 4

When I go to my front page I only see posts by artists I'm following, and my buttons on the bottom only take me to popular posts, which haven't changed hardly in months. How in the heck do I see a feed of just the latest submissions (by chronology)? I want to browse art to find artists, but I cannot find artists as long as only the same images are visible.


Hi IJrges!

You can browse all submissions by navigating into "artwork".

It should be located in the site's header, right besides FN logo.

Once you are there ( Popular art by default ), you may change the collection to "Fresh" in the left control panel.

The result should be: Like this and should let you browse latest submissions!

Additionally, you may browse artwork you favorited and artwork from users you are following.

Hope that helps!


I didn't realize the search icon doubled for switching between popular and latest.

Wouldn't it make more sense to have most recently uploaded art be the default?
Otherwise you'll just end up seeing the same few popular™ pieces, and having to do an extra click to select mode each time you wanna check out new posts - and... browsing for fresh and nice is what most users will do?

Perhaps having it be (popular) for guests, to give a slight bit of insight in what kinda people are on the site - and (Fresh) for registered users would work?
Being given the choice to set a new default is also good, but Newest First is still the global standard for any sort of feed... kinda like "last updated" would be for a supportforum o 3o

We might take it in consideration. I'd suggest creating a new suggestion for it!

I'm personally not as fond of it as seeing the good stuff is what I'd myself like to see first.

But it changes as well, so you'll mostly see trending ones, not same all the time.