Ability to integrate/post as multiple characters on a single account?

Charlie 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

Okay, I'm kinda having a hard time figuring out how I want to word this. It's just a silly little idea that hit me at four in the morning that I feel some people could have fun with, be it for RP purposes or otherwise.

Currently, the character system allows you to essentially have multiple accounts that can be easily swapped to with the click of a button. I like this idea -- it allows for SFW / NSFW / fetishy content to be posted and favorited without mingling galleries and whatnot.

But the way I originally thought it would be used was that different characters were simply that, and that you could still post on the same account timeline (using the "What's on your mind?" field) as multiple personas for your followers to see. This could be something really fun to do if it's possible to integrate, even if for no other purpose than being silly.

For example, I currently have my Charlie character set up as a general account. If, however, I were to choose for Charlie to be a "PG-13" gallery (not strictly SFW, but not anything explicit either) and set up two new accounts (let's say "Patrick" for a NSFW/porn account, and Kas for a SFW/G-rated account), then I could still leave messages from Charlie, Patrick, and Kas on each others' timelines.

I dunno. Just a random thought that I think could add a bit more charm to the characters system. I probably didn't really express my idea well either considering the aforementioned "It's 4 AM" thing. Feel free to downvote it into oblivion. :)


Charlie, I'm reviewing the older tickets we have, and I'm thinking that we basically have this implemented - having multiple characters allows you to cross-post from one character to another, so you should be able to comment on each others' submissions.

We're also looking at other ways to spruce up the timeline and make it much more interactive.