Hide your favorites from the popular feed

Grastermane Forte 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

While the popular feed feature is fantastic the fact that your favorites still appear in it is essentially redundant and that goes double for things you promote. Popular is in essence a collective favorites gallery likely used by most to find art to favorite and artists to follow and seeing them there is kind of nonsensical. My first few days I found myself thinking “Hey I like that I need to add it to favorites!” only to find that I had. The option could also apply to artists you follow and both options could be toggleable.


Thank you for the suggestion. At this point, I've thought about the suggestion and how other sites work. They don't currently remove those images from the popular feed, and a large reason why is that users often will use that feed later to quickly find the best posts that they've seen to share with others. Alternatively, users sometimes want to see how a submission is doing compared to others in the grand scheme of things.

We'll go ahead and pass on this for now, but if there's a large demand to add this option in the future, we can reconsider it.