Are Murrsuit pics allowed?

Califf 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 6

I'm just wondering if they are i remember Furaffinity having a very strict policy on that and you guys seem more lax with your more mature pics. I'm not against murrsuit pics I'm just curious if its something you guys would allow?


I think it would be best not to allow non-fictional erotica on the site. Having photos of real people doing sex acts could cause a lot of legal issues.

https://about.furrynetwork.com/acceptable-upload-policy/ If you would read their AUP it says-

"No photographs of a pornographic nature

  • Tasteful nudity, sex toys, or suggestive themes are allowed"

Murrsuits with people in them would fall under nudity and murrsuits without them would be under 'suggestive themes'.

So no, murrsuits are more than likely not allowed.

Both of those are allowed though.

This is actually an interesting question.

As long as there is nothing explicit going on [sticking to tasteful/suggestive] I don't think there would be a problem with it. Not when sex toys are allowed to be photographed.

This is definately in need of clarification, not only regarding murrsuits but any fetish gear such as some leather goods, harnesses, puppyplay gear, etc.


Here's my thought about this topic:

"No photographs of a pornographic nature

  • Tasteful nudity, sex toys, or suggestive themes are allowed"

Firstly, let's analyze what this says:

  • Tasteful nudity generally means that genitalia is present but not the focus.
  • Sex toys are dildo's or masturbation devices.
    • In response to Akinokaze, I would relate fetish gear in the sex toy category, and can be used as a suggestive theme as described below.
  • "Suggestive themes" is fairly vague. Using Google, I discovered movie ratings that described suggestive themes as, "Mild provocative references or materials." Provocative, in terms of sex, means, "arousing sexual desire or interest, especially deliberately." This makes me assume posing in a way that tells the viewer they are looking for some kind of sexual interaction, but does not depict sexual acts in an explicit manner (penetration, masturbation, expulsion of bodily fluids, or focusing on showing off a persons genitalia.)

Now, since this is a furry website, I would say any photos (not drawn artwork) depicting real-life humans in a sexual manner is explicitly prohibited.

How can we relate this to Murrsuits?

What is a Murrsuit? I don't own one, but to me a Murrsuit simply means a Fursuit with genital-suggestive fabric or holes. I think a Murrsuit alone with no one in it would be considered similar to fetish gear. If a person is inside the suit, then as long as a person isn't showing off their own human genitals through the Murrsuit, they can pose as their character tastefully nude or suggestively, just as long as it's not explicit. I also think a person in a Murrsuit does not immediately mean they themselves are nude while in it, just much more likely that they are. You wouldn't tell someone they are naked or being explicitly nude while in a bikini or speedo, would you?

Couple things to think about:

Could a person inside a Murrsuit use a dildo as their characters genitals? Again, I'd say as long as it's used as tasteful nudity or in a suggestive manner, just nothing explicit.

How about a cock sheath? This might have to be discussed further, since you'd have to consider the kind of cock sheath being used, and how much of the person's real penis inside of it can be identified/recognized/observed.

What do you think? I wouldn't be surprised if some people thought of certain terms in a different way. If so, what do you think that term means? Or what else in relation to a Murrsuit was missed?

Under review

I'd like to weigh in on this. Recently, we've updated the Acceptable Upload Policy. For this section, we removed the part allowing "tasteful nudity" - it can be difficult to rule on what is tasteful and what isn't, and because we have a mix of ages on the site, having real-life nudity would make things much more complicated.

With murrsuits, I don't imagine just having the suit itself would be a problem; we'd consider it a sex toy or fetish gear, and those are allowed. The question of having an adult toy sticking through with an adult inside is a bit rough, though; I'm checking with other staff to see what they think.


For now, we're going to go with the understanding that murrsuits would be allowed as long as there are no visible human genitalia. If there were an issue in the future, though, we do reserve the right to review this decision and change it.