Reallow Cub Not Safe For Work

SorenLover 7 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

Listen, The cub community makes up a sizable part of the furry community! And you put us at a disadvantage by the banning of Cub porn, Just Listen to my appeal, please, For one I do not like Cub porn, But I am deeply effected on this site by the lack of cubs

1. Freedom of Speech: Now I know what your thinking, this card has been pulled a million times before, right? And I know that it is your site, but these artists just want to express there creative and artistic talents in what intrests them, I know it is your site and all but your losing so many amazing artists thanks to the ban

2.In Relation to other kinks: Now, I am confused by this, Why is it that kinks like rape and Scat, Which are disgusting are allowed but vanilla cub sex, Which isn't as disgusting but still kind of is, Is not allowed? I don't understand this

3.The impact on ALL cubs on FN: There Is a MAJOR impact on the cubs of Furry Network, If Furry network wants all the furry artists  they could want and to be the number one, It really needs to start helping out it's cub community, What you did when you took away the cup porn, You destroyed about half of our community right there, and the lack of cubs sent another 40% scuttling away, That leaves only 10% of the former amount here ITs unfair

4. Why No blacklist: I mean Come on people if you don't want to see it you don't have to cry to Furry Network Support Just put it on your black list

5. What's next A ban on Bestiallity? Or maybe all porn in general, You can't let these crybabies get away with ruining the cub community on FN, Come on guys!

Thank you for taking your time to read this all and I hope you can consider it


You made a similar thread just the other day here: https://support.furrynetwork.com/topics/1528-restore-the-right-to-draw-cub-porn/

Again, the support forums are meant for issues with the site. Feel free to email management@furrynetwork.com about policies. We also ask that you do not create multiple threads with the same topic.

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