Search Fields and Filters for Commissions

Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

We're planning to create much more thorough ways to search for sellers open for commissions. At this point, it's really only possible to search by characters, and this really limits the tool, especially for new sellers. By improving the search engine, we're hoping to help users find sellers they love.

Here are a few of the search field ideas we have:

  • Media type
  • What the creator will or won't draw/write/etc.
  • Artists' specialties (paws/action poses/etc.)
  • Price range

What are some other fields or filters that you'd want?


Maybe adding to the list the type of work that can be commissioned? Like icons, stickers, reg sheets, statues, etc.

That would definitely be good. If I'm looking for Telegram stickers, I don't want to wade through a billion artists doing sketches. Make it fast; make it simple!